Saturday, January 26, 2013


Steve Jobs, what was the point?
What were you saying with the 1984 Super Bowl commercial and the Ipod?
Jobs’ point was dreams, perfectly expressed in the Think Different ad slogan.
Think Different inspired Apple’s culture, team and customers. It created passionate engineering and unimaginable product design.
It built a community of fans that Trekkies would envy long before communities became a marketing strategy.
What is my point?
Think Different is visionary, catalyzing everything Apple — iPhone, iPad, 1984, ipod and its Silhouettes ads, apps and Apple stores. It’s also Macworld and dramatic product introductions.
Think Different was the basis for the powerful strategic and systemic PR campaigns, which made Apple the hottest and coolest company.
Jobs expected those PR results and knew Think Different would produce them.
That’s my point and here’s a question and answer.
Do you have to be Jobs and Apple to achieve PR success? Its technology advantage and Jobs’ PR savvy may give it an advantage.
But a Think Different point can be found and crafted to become your organization’s competitive edge. Your point will propel a PR strategy that will connect with thoughtleaders and media and influence your customers’ attitude and behavior.
That’s the point.

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